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Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

    Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

    Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

    There are an overwhelmingly large number of custom ROMs available for the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. With so many options, sometimes its hard to choose which one is right for you. Even though there are a ton of custom ROMs, many of them share similar features that make them more unanimous. If your having trouble finding a custom ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100, then this is the article for you. This will be a countdown from fifth to first of our favorite custom ROMs here at Android’s Finest.

    CyanKang Nightlies

    CyanKang Nightlies

    5. CyanKang Nightlies – Cyanogenmod and AOKP are the most popular main Android custom ROMs available, so why choose between them? With CyanKang you get the best of both worlds tied into one custom ROM that also has Paranoid Android’s Halo multitasking feature. What this means is that you get the great base build of CM10.2 with all the necessary AOKP features as well as the most important Paranoid Android feature which is Halo. This makes this custom ROM very complete and still lightweight enough to feel lightning fast on the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. Tutorial is available here.

     Cyanogenmod 10.2 Nightlies

    Cyanogenmod 10.2 Nightlies

    4. Cyanogenmod 10.2 Nightlies – Cyanogenmod has been the most popular Android custom ROM for Android for quite some time now, and there’s a reason why. It brings simple and effective AOSP integration into a myriad of different devices including the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. Based on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Cyangenmod brings some key advancements in features to the table that make the Android experience just that much more enjoyable. Tutorial available here.

    PACman True All-In-One Nightlies

    PACman True All-In-One Nightlies

    3. PACman True All-In-One Nightlies – PACman is the most comprehensive custom ROM for any device by far. With every last one of the latest features from all the 3 corners of aftermarket firmwares (Paranoid Android, AOKP, as well as CM10.2), PACman delivers an experience that is unlike any other. If your indecisive of what custom ROM you want to flash or if you just want the best all in one solution for Android custom ROMs, definitely give PACman a go as it has everything you could ever want and more. Tutorial available here.

    Paranoid Android 3.99RC2

    Paranoid Android 3.99RC2

    2. Paranoid Android 3.99RC2 – Paranoid Android has been gaining a lot of traction recently due to its really unique developments. Everything from PIE controls to their new Halo feature is being added to a lot of other custom ROMs. There’s a reason why too, Paranoid Android’s feature set is one of the most versatile and useful that you can flash to your device. With this latest version, 3.99 RC2, you get a stock AOSP version of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean that is both quick and very stable. In fact, this build should be one of the more stable custom ROMs as it is based on the latest AOSP code. Tutorial available here.

    CarbonROM Android 4.3 Nightlies

    CarbonROM Android 4.3 Nightlies

    1. CarbonROM Android 4.3 Nightlies – CarbonROM provides a very lightweight yet custom feel to the Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100. With cherry picked features from CM10.2, Paranoid Android, as well as a few of its own, CarbonROM is definitely a top contender that has to be considered when you want to flash a new firmware. Even with so many key features being included in this custom ROM, it still manages to be very lightweight and quick which is just perfect. Tutorial available here.

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    10 Responses to Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

    1. Cameron says:

      Had the same problems with RR, switched to Root Box and wella, no crashes. Camera is perfect, but about your Radio, there is no FM radio for GS2 in any of the custom roms.

    2. Vasanth says:

      Flash nexus4 cam zip .(check XDA S2 section for the zip) else Reply again ill send it :)

    3. Vasanth says:

      4.1.2 is the best (once flash any GB rom , then flash RR for proper battery)
      RR is true Ressurection for ma s2 .
      Loving it . Esp Xperia launcher .
      2. Custom siyah kernal boot.
      4.custom profile .(i use extreme battery)
      5.lots of tweaks available .
      (wanna hear more ? msg me :) )

      • asif says:

        i wanna know which is the best rom for using internet for more time ! i want larger battery life

        • The rule of thumb for that is the less features the better…I’d recommend something AOSP based or CM10.1 usually has a good battery life. Kernel are another important thing, if you use setCPU and downclock your processor down to like 1.0GHz then you should be good. Check out my post on how to get more battery life from your Android device here: Hope that helps!

    4. what about revolt rom? which one is the fastest rom?

    5. Chandresh Prasad says:

      What about MIUI custom rom?

    6. Andreana Ramdhani says:

      It works great, i’m using rootbox right now on my s2. sori for i’m late to say thankyou soo much for a nice info and sharing. thank you soo much and keep up the good job…. :D

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