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The Future Of Phablets: Thoughts And Opinions

    The Future Of Phablets: Thoughts And Opinions

    Tabletphone, phablet, oversized phones, tabphone, whatever you call them, Phablets are here to stay. Since the introduction of the first true phablet last year in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Note, we’ve seen the market explode for these devices. It’s truly quite a potent combination when you combine a huge pixel packed HD display of around 5-6 inches with the latest and greatest hardware that Android has to offer. While the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 from the Korean giant have been dominating the market so far, we’ve been seeing other offerings being released such as the HTC J Butterfly, LG Optimus Vu 2, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. We’ve seen some interesting devices being leaked too, such as the HTC Nexus 5 and Sony Xperia Odin.

    HTC Nexus 5

    HTC Nexus 5

    What Sets Apart Manufacturers

    While the specs and hardware packed in these devices is as impressive as their size, most of them do miss an important element: creativity. This is something that we think made the original Samsung Galaxy Note successful. It had all the hardware and big display, but how it utilized it made it truly a revolution. The Note’s S Pen is what differed it from the other devices and made it stand out. It helped you utilize the big display when creating creative content or other times when you needed precision. This is what made it more appealing then a smartphone, and the reason why it made sense to buy. If you think about it, there is no real need for a big phablet, when a comparably fast and much smaller smartphone can handle the same tasks just as well. We need to see other companies thinking of different sensors and capabilities that sets their devices apart and that’s when we’ll really see the phablet revolution. Instead of just saturating the market with big phablet devices, we need to see manufacturers come up with the next “killer” feature we need to get our hands on.

    The Future Of Phablets: Thoughts And Opinions

    The Future Of Phablets: Thoughts And Opinions

    What Has Android Done For The Phablet

    To put it bluntly, nothing. What we see here is that Android has made no optimizations to their operating system to accommodate for these devices. Sure, everything works in Android without a hitch on most phablets but we need to see some software optimizations to help with navigation and taking advantage of that big, beautiful display. Samsung has done a pretty decent job in this respect as they offer good integration of such things as one handed use, S Pen functionality, notepads, and other tweaks to their TouchWiz. As we know though, TouchWiz is a huge battery drainer and is quite heavy on Android, which deters that stock feeling that some of us love. Hopefully with the addition of the rumored “Customization Center”, we will see more re-sizing and DPI options like on the Paranoid Android ROM (which by the way, is a terrific ROM if you want to try it out).

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