Reviews Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean 3.1.0 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

Published on October 27th, 2012 | by afinest


Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean 3.1.0 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

    Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean 3.1.0 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

    Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean 3.1.0 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

    Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean 3.1.0 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

    Resurrection Remix brings a unique experience due to it’s huge amount of selection and great performance. With updated features and kernels, we really like this new iteration of the ROM.


    Just like more recent iterations of this ROM, it utilizes the Aroma installer for easy step by step installation. Simply install the .zip ROM file from your SD Card and follow through the installation process. In Aroma installer, you can choose the main features of the ROM and how it behaves. You have options set for modems, kernels, and applications. As with every revision, the kernels are updated and this ROM is no exception. With this latest one though, developer Westcrip has kindly added dorimanx 7.4 kernel.

    General UI

    Navigating around the UI, attentive past users of this ROM might be able to spot a difference in this latest update. The DPI is slightly lower, and therefore labels and text may seem slightly smaller. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since extra screen real estate is always welcome, and there is a DPI Switch in the AOKP. But the DPI settings are a bit too general, at 160 DPI you can barely make out anything, and at 320 DPI the icons and text are cartoonishly big. Other than these changes however, you are welcomed with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for the rest of the ROM. With this latest iteration of Android, 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, you get Project Butter from Google and it makes the whole experience buttery smooth.


    The customization of this ROM is definitely one of it’s strong points. During the installation process, you can choose one of three kernels: Dorimanx, Siyah, and Cyanogenmod 10. Personally, my favorite kernel is Siyah because in terms of features it blows the other two away. With Siyah on my Galaxy S2 I9100, I could easily overclock to 1.6GHz for the CPU and 400MHz for the GPU. I have had problems with Cyanogenmod 10 in terms of stability but also the kernel is quite basic and doesn’t add much to the ROM. Dorimanx is based on Siyah and has similar features but when I tried it out I experienced slow downs from time to time. Hopefully with later releases, the Dorimanx kernel will improve and provide a smoother experience.

    Under the main system settings, you can access the AOKP ROM Control for pretty much everything you’d want. Under the General UI is where you find the DPI switch, custom carrier labels, options for the task switcher, and much more. Under the interface section in ROM Control, you find even more options for tweaks such as what gets displayed on the lockscreen, power menu and options for enabling the navigation bar. In the Status Bar section, you’ll find a myriad of options for such things as the colors for signal, battery icon style, clock styles, and much more. In the System section is where options for how your phone responds to events is selected. So things like vibration, sound and more. Lastly is the Performance tab which is a nice addition, but personally I use the ExTweaks app more that is included. Under ExTweaks is where you find more of the performance oriented options such as overclocking, screen timeouts, LED timeouts, and other similar things.

    There are too many options in this ROM to be all described in a paragraph, so be sure to try them out and tinker around with the settings to find out what you like.



    Battery Life & Performance

    Battery life and performance is another section of this ROM in which it excels. In everyday use under normal conditions I get around 2 days of battery life which is really good. This was with mostly checking my emails from time to time and answering the occasional text. With this latest Jelly Bean update, this ROM definitely got very good battery life. At medium use, I was able to get around 1 day of solid battery life with medium brightness and mostly browsing around the internet. When the screen is on though and I was using CPU intensive tasks such as games and benchmarks, I got around a typical workdays use out of it at around 12 hours. So, if you allocate your resources well and try to minimize your wireless radios, you can get some great battery life out of this ROM!

    Performance is where this ROM is a little shifty. I remember in the last update, I was getting over 4000 points consistently on quadrant, but with this latest update, I struggle to get over 3500. Now, this might be just some optimization errors that need to be accounted for, but surely these scores will rise up once later releases approach.


    During my time with this ROM, I didn’t have any real issues with bugs or glitches. This is much improved over the last iteration, which I sometimes got memory leaks on. Well i’m happy to report that this ROM doesn’t have any of these issues and developer Westcrip has done a good job trying to account for past errors.

    Final Thoughts/Conclusion

    This ROM has definitely been a favorite of mine, and a daily driver for me for the past couple of months. With the latest kernels, and some nice added features but with rock solid stability, this ROM is great to check out if your interested.

    Thanks for reading our article: Resurrection Remix Jelly Bean 3.1.0 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM). Be sure to stay tuned to Android’s Finest for the latest in everything Android!

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