Reviews Paranoid Android Jelly Bean v2.22 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

Published on October 20th, 2012 | by afinest


Paranoid Android Jelly Bean v2.22 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

    Paranoid Android Jelly Bean v2.22 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

    Paranoid Android Jelly Bean v2.22 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

    Paranoid Android Jelly Bean v2.22 Review (Best Jelly Bean ROM)

    With smartphone screens just getting bigger and bigger, we don’t see Android taking proper use of all that screen real estate. Paranoid Android tries to fix this and let you see stock Android at a different angle with its multi-app adjustment of dpi. This means you can tailor each app’s size relativity to your personal liking. It also features the latest CM10 Kernels running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, which supplies a very smooth user experience.


    Installation of this ROM is much like any other, you are required to have Root and a Recovery Mod. Simple install the .zip file from your SDCard, and install the GApps the same way as well. No flashy or fancy Aroma installer here, just a simple flash that includes the CM10 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Kernel. Be sure to remember to wipe all your cache and user data if your coming from a different ROM, if your coming from a previous build of this ROM, you can skip this step and save all your settings. I’ve noticed sometimes that after flashing the ROM, you may require a reboot before attempting to flash the Google Apps.

    General UI

    This ROM follows its Android roots and sticks to the stock launcher and layout of Jelly Bean that we all know and love. This ROM really comes into it’s own when you navigate around the UI. Many custom ROMs allow you to alter the text and colors of the Android operating system, but this ROM let’s you experience all your normal boring apps in a whole new light. You can control all of these features through the ParanoidAndroid Settings app which can be accessed from the System Settings. The basic interactions with the operating system however, are dealt through pure Android and if you have ever used stock Android, you’ll feel right at home here.


    Customization is really where this ROM comes into it’s own element. The main dpi settings of each app can be accessed when you go under System Settings, and navigate over to the ParanoidAndroid Settings. From here, you can choose your Launch DPI in either Stock UI, Phablet UI, or Tablet UI. Personally on my 4.3 inch Galaxy S2 I9100 I liked the stock setting the most, but if you have a display of over 4.5 inches on your smartphone, I’d give the Phablet UI a try out. There is truly an endless amount of customization and fine tuning to be done here. You can customize the general user interface of Android from here, but you can also do an app to app dpi setting adjustment. If the settings for DPI are too general for you and you need to customize it for every app, you can in the Apps drawer of the ParanoidAndroid Settings. Furthermore however, you still have all the goodies of CM10 in this ROM. Under the System Settings, you can fine the Interface section from which you can choose your launcher, lock screen, themes, and system settings. Under the lock screen preferences, you have some cool features to play around with. One notable feature is you can customize the slider shortcuts, so at the lock screen you have an extra 2 slots to slide over to to open.

    Battery Life and Performance

    Battery life on this ROM is quite exceptional, as on a single charge I got around 2 days under light use such as checking my email and browsing the web once in a while. This is quite good, but quite standard for any CM10 ROM. Under heavier load, this ROM managed to cope quite well and I would say that it would last you a working day’s worth easily. When I had internet enabled, and was constantly browsing and doing other heavier tasks, I got around 12-14 hours of use which is really good. There is nothing in this ROM that would really drain battery life, and as such it does very well. As for performance, being a CM10 ROM, there is not much to customize or further enhance. There is no overclocking and no optimization to score higher in benchmarks, but this ROM does still do better than most others. There is a setting option for Performance, but doesn’t really stand out and does pretty much the same thing as SetCPU. On my I9100 running Quadrant I received around 3000-3100 constantly, which is on par with the SuperNexus Jelly Bean ROM but still very far away from an overclocked Siyah Kernel such as Resurrection Remix.





    After using this ROM for a couple of days, I didn’t experience any memory leaks or other detrimental flaws to this ROM. Occasionally though, I did experience a hiccup or two but nothing to deter me away from the experience as a whole from this ROM.

    Final Thoughts/Conclusion

    This ROM, in terms of customization, is in a league of its own. The developer has quite brilliantly been able to both give users a fresh stock Android experience but help them utilize the bigger and bigger displays on their devices. If you really love stock Android, but want a different angle on it if your bored, then I highly recommend this ROM for you. Other users get the thumbs up as well, as this ROM is very stable, has tons of customization, and is available for a wide range of devices.

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    1. neboy says:

      definitely the best JB rom!!!

    2. hiob says:

      Im using pa as my daily driver for 40 days now. Was blown away since first time flashing. My taste completely. Agree with your review totally. BR

    3. AnNamir says:

      Great review of this awesome rom!

    4. Kookoodrilloo says:

      Best rom indeed :)

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